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Mofinans app

Let's make
your life
much easier

Have you ever thought that an app could be a real companion? Offering flexibility and more appropriate financial management, Mo Finans brings to you the best of credit management where you get an overview of your credit agreements and even more… wherever you are.






Enjoy our numerous benefits from
the comfort of
your place.

No more queuing or looking for your latest statements to check your credit agreements. Stay safe, and manage your accounts at your ease. So easy!

Mofinans App available on your favourite marketplace online

All these benefits are now at your reach on your favourite marketplace. Click, download, install it straight away on your smart phone and stay connected to your credit financing and purchases.

Cim Finance is also much more...

La Vie
Avance with
Cim Finance

Providing you a financing solution at every stage of your life, Cim Finance will support you throughout your projects and will accompany you in the good and tough times to help you move forward



Credit Cards

Cim Finance offers its credit cards – MasterCard and Visa – accepted locally and worldwide by shops and automatic teller machines bearing the respective logos. Whatever your personal needs and income, Cim Finance Classic, Gold and Titanium credit cards bring you exciting features and benefits.

Credit Facilities

Helping you moving forward with our credit facilities. Bring color and style in your life with several types of products or services at more than 800 approved partners across the island.

Loyalty programs

Enjoy the benefits of our loyalty programs through a number of rewards offered by Cim Finance

Cash flow Management

We can help you improve your cash flow without having to wait for long payment periods, giving you the opportunity to focus on increasing sales and enhancing the relationship with your customer.

and even more...

Enjoy the benefits of our loyalty programs through a number of rewards offered by Cim Finance

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Find our branches online For your convenience locate our branches online to make your payments and other financial transactions easily.

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